Our principles

     The Black Country Recovery College:

    Rooted in learning together

    • We put co-design, co-production and co-delivery at the heart of all our planning
    • We choose collaboration and partnership over working in isolation
    • We recognise everyone’s talents

    Nurtures safe spaces

    • We work with compassion and kindness
    • We are non-judgemental
    • We work hard to listen to others to ensure safety for all
    • We treat others with dignity and respect

    Plants Hope and Optimism

    • We harness hope and optimism in all
    • We recognise that potential is ever growing
    • We support and empower individuals on their journey
    • We nurture trust with each other
    • We are compassionately careful and curious
    • We are ambitious and have aspirations for each other

    Grows lives beyond labels

    • We encourage self-belief
    • We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual
    • We value free choice and self-expression
    • We enable self-discovery
    • We support and encourage each other to thrive and are empowered by the inspiration of others
    • We nurture finding meaning and purpose

    Nourishes people and community

    • We create opportunities for genuine connection
    • We build community capital through connection and partnership working  
    • We are committed to increasing choice for all
    • Everyone is valued and has a part to play

    Encourages people to bloom

    • We encourage room to bloom and grow
    • We believe in and promote self-kindness and acts of kindness to others
    • We are on a journey to love ourselves as we love others
    • We celebrate successes
    • We cultivate an environment to encourage positive change
    • We empower people to make the decisions about their own recovery journey
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