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    We use cookies for basic and essential operation of the web site.  We also collect some information about you as a visitor. For example, what pages you view, links you click on and where in the world you are.  Any collected data is anonymised and cannot be traced back to an individual. 

    If you choose to volunteer information about yourself in the Contact Us form, you are agreeing that The Recovery College can collect that information and store it in line with the principles set out below.

    Who is the Data Protection Officer?

    The Trust's Data Protection Officer (DPO) is:

    Katie Sparrow, Head of Information Governance (and DPO)
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Tel: 0121 612 8017

    The Data Protection Officer operates independently on how to deal with data protection matters putting patient rights at the heart of their decision making process. The Data Protection Officer will be the first point of call for individuals, such as patients, whose data is being processed, but will also be the person for staff to turn to relating to any data protection queries.

    How do I access my learner record?

    You can speak to staff at the recovery college who can provide access to the information that they hold about you, they will go through the information and ensure that everything is correct and that you are happy with this.

    If you want to formally request for access to or a copy of your Recovery College records this should be forwarded on to:

    Information Governance Team Dorothy Pattison Hospital
    Alumwell Close
    Walsall WS2 9XH

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Tel: 01922 607000

    Why do we collect information about you?

    Information is collected to enable your enrolment on the courses provided by the Recovery College. Basic information is collected directly from yourself.

    What will we collect?

    All information is collected directly from yourself and includes:

    • contact details

    • employment status

    • ethnicity

    • any support required whilst undertaking courses

    • what courses you are interested in

    What will we do with it?

    Our staff will use your information to provide information to you about relevant courses, enrol you on to courses and complete any assessments needed to support you whilst at the college.

    Do we share your information?

    Yes; your name is shared with the course provider to enable you to be enrolled on the course. Information about who the course provider is will be made available to you prior the course, within the course prospectus, and you have the choice to enrol with that course.

    If you are currently receiving a service from Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust we may make them aware that you are utilising the recovery college services in an aim to ensure that you receive support to continue your attendance.

    How long do we hold your information?

    The Trust’s Record Management Policies and Procedures in relation to retention and destruction of information has been produced in line with the Code of Practice and is available via Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trusts Publication Scheme.

    Your Rights

    Full details of your rights are available via the privacy notice on Black Country Healthcare NHS FT website.

    1) Restrict Disclosure of Information:

    You do have the right to restrict the disclosure of your personal information. By choosing this option, it may make the provision of care or treatment you receive more difficult or unavailable and we will fully inform you of this. You can also change your mind at any time about a disclosure decision.

    2) Access to your Information:

    The General Data Protection Regulation allows you, the patient, or an individual acting on your behalf to view or have copies of your health record. The Act provides a right of access to your information; however the Trust is entitled to withhold information considered to be detrimental to the physical or mental health of the patient or other person, or if the information contains information given by a third party.

    3) Right to Rectification (to correct information held):

    You can ask for corrections to be made to your records and you are entitled to a copy of the correction, or, if the record is not corrected, the record holder’s note of the request and any discussion.

    4) Right to be Forgotten:

    You can ask for your information to be deleted/erased; however where the information we hold about you is for the provision of health not all information can be erased. You can request to have information erased via the Trust’s Information Governance Team (contact details are below)

    5) Right to Restrict Processing:

    You have the right to limit the way in which we can use your data; this includes who we share data with. Please note that there are limitations to this as we need to ensure that we can meet your Health and Care needs. You can request to restrict the use of your data via the Trust’s Information Governance Team (contact details are below)

    In addition to the above you also have the right to raise any complaints or concerns in relation to the use of your information with the Information Commissioner, who is the UKs supervisory body who oversees the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

    We keep your records secure

    Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential and secure under the General Data Protection Regulation / Data Protection and the Caldicott principles. We ensure that your information is held within secure environments with limited access to this.

    Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to do the same and has a confidentiality clause in their contract. Breaking those rules can result in being dismissed.

    Where can I get further information?

    The recovery college is a service provided under Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; there is more details about the use of information and about data protection on Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s website.

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