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    Welcome to The Recovery College

    There is only one you.  Embrace, accept and be heard. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do at the Recovery College. We welcome everyone with kindness and compassion.  We value you for your uniqueness and individuality and encourage you, to be you.  You are not defined by any label but celebrated and empowered to be who you are.
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    What are recovery colleges?

    There are a number of Recovery Colleges running across the country offering educational courses about mental health and recovery which are designed to increase students' knowledge and skills and to help them feel more confident in self-management of their own mental health.
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    An Educational Approach

    Helps people recognise and make use of their talents and resources, assists people in exploring their possibilities and developing their skills, supports people to achieve their goals and ambitions. Staff become coaches who help people find their own solutions.
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