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Where did the idea for the first recovery college come from?


The recovery college concept was born in February 2011 by the Department of Health (DoH). The DoH commissioned the Centre for Mental Health and the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network to pilot the national ‘Supporting Recovery’ programme which has come to be known as IMROC (Improving Mental health Recovery through Organisational Change).

One of its key recommendations was the development of recovery colleges. There are several colleges at different stages of development across the country.

Click on the video below to see how how other recovery colleges are supporting people in other parts of the country:


Key principles of our college

  1. The college will promote hope, opportunity and choice/control

  2. The Recovery College will enable people to become experts in their own self-care, and develop skills they need for living and working

  3. Courses are produced in partnership between people with lived experience and professional experience of mental health issues. This is called co-production. Working together and supporting each other will foster and breakdown barriers

  4. Students at The Recovery College will be supported during their journey. This may include an individualised learning plan and ongoing support

  5. The Recovery College will reach out to local communities and promote engagement